GreenMobECO 2022-2024


Fostering green transition through mobility and effective communication between Finnish and Chilean HEIs

This project aims to consolidate the collaboration between seven higher education institutions, seeking excellence and innovation in education in the field of sustainable and circular bioeconomy. The project is built on mutual learning focusing on staff mobility, curriculum development, and broader stakeholder engagement establishing the seedlings to facilitate working life cooperation. We think agro and forestry biosystems require a new educational approach. We want to participate in that education and generate professionals with a conviction of sustainability, where the bioeconomy is a proper option in production and consumption. The project is funded by the Finnish National Agency for Education under the Team Finland Knowledge programme.


  • Mobility package 1: Building strong relations and foreseeing opportunities for students and staff:
    • Short term staff mobility from Chile to Finland, Curriculum innovations & working life opportunities
  • Mobility package 2: Student-centered curricula and research development in bioeconomy
    • Short term staff exchange from Finland to Chile, Joint RDI projects & working life opportunities
  • Virtual package: Mapping and developing universities’ educational portfolio and effective communication in bioeconomy
    • Curriculum development
    • Bioeconomy webinars series


University of Eastern Finland
Karelia University of Applied Sciences
Savonia University of Applied Sciences
Universidad Católica del Maule de Chile
Universidad Austral de Chile
Universidad de Talca
Universidad de Concepción

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