Joint learning on forest bioeconomy

On March 2021, seven Chilean and Finnish universities informed about co-operation to enhance bilateral capacity building in the field of bioeconomy and sharing the best practices between Chile and Finland (read more). After that first steps for co-operation have been planned and they will be implemented during the following September and October. Our mutual interest is forest bioeconomy due to its importance for both countries. We have also discussed the comprehension of bioeconomy in both countries as well as the importance and development of circular economy. Therefore, we are organizing webinar and online course on forest bioeconomy next autumn.

Webinar title is “The future of forest bioeconomy: Joint learning between Chile and Finland” and it will be held on 23.9.2021 at 9-12 am UTC-4 and 3 – 6 pm UTC +3 (EEST). Webinar is open to all who are interested in Chilean and Finnish views on forest bioeconomy. Please, remember to register to the webinar to get the participation link. Registration is open until 21.9.2021. Take a closer look at the webinar program.

Online course “Sustainable Solutions for Circular Bio-based World (5 ECTS)” will be organized after the webinar, on 27.9.-8.10.2021. First week includes interesting and diverse lectures on bioeconomy in general, forest bioeconomy and circular economy. During the second week, students concentrate on multidisciplinary group work. Some of the topics for group work may come from companies, but groups can also develop their own topics as well. This is also a great opportunity to learn from Chilean and Finnish cultures. Course is aimed at international undergraduate, master and Ph.D. students and postdoc researchers, practitioners and professionals from industry or public sector. Course will be held online, and participation is expected at 8-12 am UTC -4 (Chilean time) and 3-7 pm UTC +3 (EEST) (Finnish time). Note that registration is compulsory, and 42 students are admitted. Check the course webpage to see more information and find the registration link. Regisration is open until 21.9.2021.

You are welcome to participate on webinar and online course!

Written by Piritta Torssonen, project manager, University of Eastern Finland

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